Nutrition 101

Whats up guys!

Man, thank you for dropping in again. I know you guys are busy with your every day lives, and I really appreciate you guys coming to my blog.

Anyway, lets get right into the goods ya?

So in my last post,I talked about how I had really plateaued in my bodybuilding goals and kinda wanted to quit working out all together.

The reason for me really plateauing in my fitness journey was because I didn’t fully understand the nutrition side of things. In my mind, all I had to do was go to the gym, and I would have ABS!

I had no idea that nutrition played such a huge part in the overall physique part of bodybuilding.

When I first started lifting, I went in to a local nutrition shop to buy some supplements and really get some advice.

At this point, I really didn’t know much about any of this stuff.

So to say I was a gullible fish would be an honest statement.

I remember walking in and being a little overwhelmed with all the different Proteins, and Pre Workouts, and Post Workout Supplements.

The guy who walked up to help me out was cool, and gave me some good recommendations regarding what to take.

I figured “Hey this guy must really know what he is talking about”

So I asked him what I should eat..

He told me just eat healthy and clean…

ended up giving me a personal meal plan and told me to follow it to the “T” and I would get where I wanted to get with my physique.

I did, to the exact T.

and at first, I did get some good results.

I’ve always been at least 10-15 lbs over where I wanted to be so that early weight loss was great.

But then i hit my weight loss brick wall.

I couldn’t figure it out.

Thats when I went online watched that video that began to break down nutrition for me.

You see eating healthy up until this point for me meant just eating chicken and broccoli with some brown rice 3 times a day.

At first i didn’t mind it, but after awhile i kinda got sick and tired of eating the exact same thing over and over again.

But when I was losing the weight, I told myself to keep going. Once the weight loss stopped, I said ok, screw this!

On this video, this guy talked about how there isn’t bad or good foods. Really you just need to understand how much you are intaking when it comes to your “macronutrients”

Macronutrients being..




He said that you could still enjoy foods we all enjoy like Pizza, Pop tarts, Ice Cream and get to your desired physique.

This was very hard for me to understand in the beginning. I was thinking there is no way you can still eat those foods and get a 6 pack.

But at this point, I was tired and frustrated, so i thought, what the hell, I’ll try it out.

Man, oh man..

Am I glad I did!

In my next post I am going to tell you about my results with this new “flexible” style of eating.

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